Product Philosophy

When BAD NORWEGIAN was founded, one thing was universally agreed upon; we'd always be a company that places our focus on purity, integrity and quality. We decided to never add anything to our products that could be considered harmful to the person using it, or to the environment. Ever. For this reason we created our 'Zero List'- a list of ingredients that we will never use as we believe all components must have a necessary function in a product. We will therefore not add alcohol, parabens, aluminum, color, mineral oil, silicone or any hormone distorting components. We will, however, be very generous with natural goodness and ingredients that have been rigorously researched and proven to have a positive effect on skin.

Bad Norwegian Product Philosophy

We cross-check all our ingredients in industry databases in the United States, the EU, Japan and Canada, to ensure that nothing we use is controversial or associated with harmful effects. This is so we can follow our strict precautionary principles and we will always exclude any ingredient from our formulas that research have suggested could be linked to potential damaging effects.

The road from research and development to a fully finished BAD NORWEGIAN product is a long one. We use Scandinavia's top dermatology experts to develop our products from scratch, focusing on natural and pure ingredients. We spend serious hours in the lab with these guys, working out the exact right composition of ingredients, and will never call it a day before we reach the perfect formula. From conception to production, we often spend between 8 months and a year. 

BAD NORWEGIAN tests all products on friends. Luckily we have lots of them, and they are very important in the composition of our products. We are listed on, Norway's official list of companies which refrain from animal testing.

Bad Norwegian Facial Cream

It is important to us that all BAD NORWEGIAN products are presented in functioning, streamlined packaging, with non-fussy design to reflect its pure contents. We strive to find the best design solutions for our product range, such as our airless jar, which prevent bacterial growth, caused by air, light and direct product contact. 

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