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Had it with Hemsedal, Bored of Bad Ischgl, Done with the Dolomites?

Maybe it’s time to think completely differently if you’d like to combine skiing with an exotic travel experience. BAD NORWEGIAN picks the top five most exciting winter sport destinations that you may never have heard of… Mauna Kea, Hawaii Photo: Men's Journal  This is obviously the wild card, and the one for the most hardcore amongst us. If skiing at 4200 meter altitude on an active volcano is your thing, knock yourself out. Actually, don’t. Seriously. Because Mauna Kea is not an operational ski resort in the traditional sense, there are no lifts, transportation or emergency services. It’s you and the mountain, no frills, but plenty of thrills… Shemshak, Iran Photo: Snow Forecast Shemshak is in the Alborz mountains to...

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LILLY DILLON - Managing Barber at Ruffian’s Covent Garden

  The enchanting Lilly Dillon is Managing Barber at Ruffian’s Covent Garden, award-winning barbershop. A trained trichologist as well as badass barber, Lilly’s your guru whether you’re thinning up top or testing a thick beard. An extremely sought after barber, Lilly attracts scores of discerning clients, among them YouTube superstar Jim Chapman (seen with Lilly, above). She is also a fast-talking, charismatic bundle of energy so we decided to coerce her into answering our BAD NORWEGIAN questions… What’s on your bathroom shelf? - SPF day cream and clock. What gets your adrenalin pumping? - When the shop is all systems go, we’re all fully booked & it’s organized chaos. What is your favorite restaurant/bar in the city you live? Hmm...

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Shotgun, 26 Kingly Street, W1B 5QD About: Shotgun opened recently on Kingly Street in Soho, the brainchild of the team behind one of London’s most renowned American restaurants, the Lockhart in Marylebone. Evoking the intoxicating atmosphere of New Orleans and the Deep South, Mississippi native chef and partner Brad McDonald brings authentic American barbecue to the meat-lovers of London. Shotgun also boasts a sleek New Orleans style cocktail lounge, with James Stevenson in charge of the drinks program. According to legend, the name Shotgun itself is derived from the long narrow traditional architecture of the Deep South’s shotgun houses, where you could shoot straight down the house from the front to the back door.   Impressions: A buzzy, curiously narrow...

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