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Pjoltergeist, a Review

Pjoltergeist, Rostedsgate 15 B, 0178 Oslo     Photo: Dagsavisen                                                                            About: Pjoltergeist is a former biker bar and an unpretentious hole in the wall restaurant serving Icelandic/Norwegian traditional cuisine with strong Japanese and Korean influences. You don't stumble across Pjoltergeist- they don't market the restaurant in any way, and only take bookings via sms. Reservations can be made if you order the 'Zuper Pakki', a seasonal tasting menu of numerous dishes. Impressions: The space is unfussy, cosy and casual. The crowd is young,...

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A:Gent Meets Secret Agent

  She's the kind of woman who probably wouldn't turn your head in the street. Not because she isn't beautiful, but because she's remarkably unremarkable. At least at first glance. She is fine-boned, athletic and her hair is chestnut brown, but seemingly expertly lightened from a darker hue. Her eyes are wide and hazel, and while you might expect someone in this woman's position to let her eyes roam around the room whilst speaking to you, she is actually incredibly focused. You might also expect someone like her to be overly serious, but she laughs and smiles frequently, and makes snide jokes. So, who is this enigmatic lady? Let's call her Andrea. She is in her thirties, lives in a...

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Jan Christensen, Interview

Foto: Martin Rustad Johansen On these pages we will be featuring interesting people whose lives and work inspire us and when we decided we wanted to speak with a contemporary artist whose career intrigues us, Jan Christensen immediately came to mind. In true Bad Norwegian spirit, Jan Christensen is a bit of an artist rebel, whose life and career has been forged on his own terms, not influenced by expectation or convention. Jan Christensen, Art Basel 2015, Gerhardsen Gerner: Smooth Seas Don’t Make a Good Sailor Christensen is an extraordinarily innovative and versatile creator, whose visions have resulted in high profile installations and works that frequently transcend the limitations of traditional museums and galleries. He is widely regarded as especially...

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Akureyri- Why You Need to Go. Now.

  Photo: Ana M.Korbar Every now and again a place that was previously practically unheard of pops up everywhere, and absolutely everyone scrambles to go. Akureyri is that place for 2016. Topping Lonely Planet's list of Europe's best destination is no mean feat for a town of 18,000 people on a volcanic island. It isn't hard to see why this little town is taking over from Reykjavík as Icelands's must-visit destination; Akureyrí is a compact hotbed of all the good things in life: unbeatable nature, activities galore and innovative, quality hospitality and cuisine. Photo: esjatravel   Photo: Federica Gentile, Getty Images                                          ...

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How to do the Costa Del Sol, BAD NORWEGIAN style.

Photo: Traveladdicts Yes, that’s right, we said style, and we meant it. The Costa del Sol is a destination that is well known to so many of us Northern Europeans for its accessibility, its fantastic climate and its pulsating nightlife. Perhaps, like us, you’ve gyrated away with dubious partygoers of the trashy variety in the clubs of Fuengirola and Torremolinos, perhaps you’ve written Marbella off as a sleazy depot for Russian infidels and oligarchs, and perhaps you’ve got gazeboed to the beat of Manu Chao at Nikki Beach, writing this part of Spain off as Costa del no Soul. However, you’d be wrong- big time. Bad Norwegian decided to undertake the task of finding classy, cool and innovative things to...

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