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A Jamaican Photo Journal

  There are some places you go purely to feel alive, and Jamaica is one of those places. What is it about this island nation that keeps the adrenaline simmering beneath the surface, ready to surge forth at any time? Well, it is obviously rather dangerous, but no more so than many other places if you take the right precautions. Perhaps it has more to do with Jamaicans' intense joie de vivre and ability to appreciate every moment?  A:Gent drank beer and rum, drove around the island (not while drinking beer and rum!), partied and explored the Blue Mountains, Strawberry Hill and Negril, and discovered a fascinating capital in Kingston. Check out our envy-inducing photographic evidence...  Blue Mountain Coffee Estates...

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Fette Sau, Brooklyn, Review

Fette Sau, 354 Metropolitan Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 11211 About                                                             Fette Sau is a real American smokehouse gem, located in an achingly cool Williamsburg former auto-repair shop, just the right side of rough. It offers a frequently changing menu of organic/ethically sourced prime barbecue meats, an impressive selection of draft beers and an unbeatable whisky list. Fette Sau is man-heaven! It does not take reservations, and all seating is communal on picnic tables, encouraging a social, spontaneous atmosphere, so show up early.                   ...

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Wild, Unparalleled Namibia

  At BAD NORWEGIAN, we love Africa. The very first conception of the brand was born on the dark continent, and we continue to be fascinated by, and interested in, so many incredible things and places across Africa, especially the less mainstream options. One of these places is most certainly Namibia; the wild, largely inhospitable, endlessly fascinating lesser-known South African nation bordered by South Africa, Angola and Botswana.   Some of Namibia's landscapes are as close to Martian as any you'll find on earth- vast deserts and mountainous sand dunes, shallow lakes and rocky plateaus rising from dusty steppes. One of the best things to do on a visit to Namibia, is cover as much as you can on foot-...

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An Introduction to Art Basel Miami

Photo: Rocca News Art Basel is one of the world's most important arenas for modern art. Galleries, artists, museum directors, private collectors and curators come together in a spectacular series of events and exhibitions.  Photo: Hongtaek Hwang, Metallic Sculpture Art Basel shows take place in Basel, Hong Kong and Miami. Art Basel Miami takes place early December every year, turning all eyes in the international art world towards glitzy Miami Beach. While it's true that some of the most legendary parties of the North American annual high-profile party circuit take place at Art Basel Miami, you'd be mistaken to think it's all about exclusive networking or all night partying- art shows of this level and quality really are about the...

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Broadway Market, Hackney

      Broadway Market is no longer a secret guarded carefully by the fashionably bearded foodie hipsters of Hackney, but it isn't yet over-run by tourists, which it probably will be once everybody realizes how completely special and fabulous it is.    The gentleman above will shuck fresh Maldon oysters for you on the street for two pounds a pop, serving them up with lemon, Tabasco and shallot vinegar.  If you're looking for amazing seafood, including oysters, to bring home, we wholly recommend Fin& Flounder, one of the most badass fishmongers we've seen. Ever.  Fin and Flounder                                             ...

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