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Cut from a Different Cloth: Camilla Ringvold

Some people are just cut from a different cloth. When others might catch up on a box set or go for a riveting half-run in their local park, these people are starting companies, breaking world records, climbing mountains and that's just before lunch. We like these people. 
Now, imagine Lara Croft meets Queen Elsa. Her first name would be Badass. No, actually, it would be Camilla. Meet Camilla Ringvold, high priestess of kite sport. Camilla's list of merits is rather impressive, from five-time National Champion of snow and sea kiting, to kiting across the Atlantic (yes, really) and kiting Greenland unsupported from South to North. A free-spirited snow and wave worshipper, Camilla spends her time between Tarifa and Hemsedal, and A:Gent caught her for a kiting crash course on a stormy day on Hardangervidda. It was a blast, obviously, and the full story will appear on the blog soon. In the meantime, we sat Camilla down for some BAD NORWEGIAN questions! 
Complete this sentence:
I’m the kind of girl who… is tough to be with but with a big heart. Always crazy ideas, projects and plans in the making. Work hard, play hard!
What’s on your bathroom shelf?
Great stuff my mum gives me every Christmas and birthday. She knows best!

What gets your adrenalin pumping?
My boyfriend's crazy ideas.
 What is your favorite restaurant/bar in the city you live?
Vaca Loca and Surf Bar in Tarifa – best steak in town and such a great crew working there. It´s like having dinner and drinks with friends!
Choose three brands except Bad Norwegian and Apple that define your personality.
VIRGIN – that Sir Richard is pretty cool. And he kites too! Waiting for an invitation to his island – should be right around the corner, right?
What have you done that nobody would have thought you’d do?
I flew to South Africa to meet a guy I had a crush on when I was 18 – it didn't work out. I left in a rainstorm while he was out – but I met another great dude while I was there, so it was worth the trip.
What would you do if you were Putin for a day?
I´d probably would have liked to hang out with my friends – they have some great points of view he could have taken a lesson from.
Do you believe in aliens?
No, but I think my grandmother's spirit is out there somewhere.
If you woke up not knowing how old you were, how old would you guess?
 Phot: Mlandpictures/
If you had to move somewhere else to live for 10 years, where would you live and why?
Just moved to Tarifa in Spain for the next decade – it has it all. Wind, food, surf and great people – and it´s still close to Norway – just a short flight away so friends can always visit whenever they want – and I can come home often to visit my family.