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An Introduction to Art Basel Miami

Photo: Rocca News

Art Basel is one of the world's most important arenas for modern art. Galleries, artists, museum directors, private collectors and curators come together in a spectacular series of events and exhibitions. 

Photo: Hongtaek Hwang, Metallic Sculpture

Art Basel shows take place in Basel, Hong Kong and Miami. Art Basel Miami takes place early December every year, turning all eyes in the international art world towards glitzy Miami Beach. While it's true that some of the most legendary parties of the North American annual high-profile party circuit take place at Art Basel Miami, you'd be mistaken to think it's all about exclusive networking or all night partying- art shows of this level and quality really are about the art. Discovering new artists, promoting exciting works, meeting people who can facilitate and share in promoting valuable and interesting pieces worldwide, while enjoying the atmosphere of vibrant, glamorous, multi-cultural, übersexy Miami. 
 A:Gent has picked out some favorite moods and moments from this year. 

Photo: Hypebeast. John Margaritis "High Tide" at New York Sunshine


Photo: Elle Magazine, Tasya Van Ree, muse and photographer

Photo: Zeutch, Studio Job

Photo: Alighiero Boetti

Photo: Scoop Art

Art Basel Miami is over for 2015, but place it in your calendar for 2016- a good reason to schedule in an unmissable culturefest on your next trip to one of the coolest, most buzzing cities on the planet. 

Photo: K McQV