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Akureyri- Why You Need to Go. Now.


Photo: Ana M.Korbar

Every now and again a place that was previously practically unheard of pops up everywhere, and absolutely everyone scrambles to go. Akureyri is that place for 2016. Topping Lonely Planet's list of Europe's best destination is no mean feat for a town of 18,000 people on a volcanic island. It isn't hard to see why this little town is taking over from Reykjavík as Icelands's must-visit destination; Akureyrí is a compact hotbed of all the good things in life: unbeatable nature, activities galore and innovative, quality hospitality and cuisine.

Photo: esjatravel


Photo: Federica Gentile, Getty Images                                                      

In and around Akureyri you can observe unique maritime wildlife, experience first- descent Heli-skiing on peaks never previously touched by man, as well as savour the town's exciting cultural scene.

Photo: Fredrik Schenholm                                                                          

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Akureyri is the perfect base for exploring the majestic fjords and unspoilt nature of Northern Iceland; how about a Northern light safari or a local food tour around Akureyri's surrounding villages?