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Had it with Hemsedal, Bored of Bad Ischgl, Done with the Dolomites?

Maybe it’s time to think completely differently if you’d like to combine skiing with an exotic travel experience. BAD NORWEGIAN picks the top five most exciting winter sport destinations that you may never have heard of…
Mauna Kea, Hawaii
Photo: Men's Journal 
This is obviously the wild card, and the one for the most hardcore amongst us. If skiing at 4200 meter altitude on an active volcano is your thing, knock yourself out. Actually, don’t. Seriously. Because Mauna Kea is not an operational ski resort in the traditional sense, there are no lifts, transportation or emergency services. It’s you and the mountain, no frills, but plenty of thrills…
Shemshak, Iran
Photo: Snow Forecast
Shemshak is in the Alborz mountains to the northeast of Tehran, and has long played underdog to the better known Dizin, somewhat unfairly. Shemshak can hold its own and has been operating since the 1950s. Though there are only two main slopes, its altitude ranges from 2500 to 3050 meters, ensuring quality skiing from November to April.
Mount Mawson, Australia
Photo: Mount Mawson Info
While most of us may head to Australia for the beer, beaches, barbecue and babes, you can actually also indulge in some pretty awesome skiing at Mount Mawson, in Mount Field National Park in Tasmania. Far flung, yes. Wow factor- unbeatable. Located at 1250 meters with four runs, this is the one to pick if you want to inject your Down under adventures with a serious adrenaline rush. 
Yong Pyong, Korea
Photo: Visit Korea
Yong Pyong is one of Asia’s finest powder destinations, and is only 200 kms from the vibrant capital city of Seoul. It was one of the resorts hosting the 1999 Asian Winter Games and offers an impressive twenty-eight slopes. There is also a survival game park, an indoor mountain bike path and off season, you can play golf. 
Tiffindell, South Africa
Photo: Traveller 24
At BAD NORWEGIAN, we love Africa, in fact the very origins of our brand came about on a wild safari, so the prospect of skiing in South Africa is a thrilling one. Tiffindell is located in the Southern Drakensberg and is your only option for skiing in South Africa, and has been running for thirty years. The resort also opened Africa’s first ski academy in 2014. This is the perfect option for summer ski as Tiffindell’s main season is June, July and August.