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Shotgun, 26 Kingly Street, W1B 5QD

Shotgun opened recently on Kingly Street in Soho, the brainchild of the team behind one of London’s most renowned American restaurants, the Lockhart in Marylebone. Evoking the intoxicating atmosphere of New Orleans and the Deep South, Mississippi native chef and partner Brad McDonald brings authentic American barbecue to the meat-lovers of London. Shotgun also boasts a sleek New Orleans style cocktail lounge, with James Stevenson in charge of the drinks program. According to legend, the name Shotgun itself is derived from the long narrow traditional architecture of the Deep South’s shotgun houses, where you could shoot straight down the house from the front to the back door.
A buzzy, curiously narrow dining space with a fun but classily pared-down atmosphere. This is a masculine haven of dark woods, leather and a sophisticated, sleek bar. Shotgun feels the right kind of naughty...
The Food:
We ordered Beef Brisket, Baby Back Ribs, and Toulouse Garlic Sausage. For our side dishes, we had BBQ Baked Beans, Sweet Potato Fondant and Coleslaw. The Beef Brisket was a stunning demonstration of perfectly cooked, deliciously tender meat, holding an unexpectedly and much appreciated succulence. The Baby Back Ribs were as perfect as we’d have expected from a restaurant specializing in Southern authentic American barbecue and can be highly recommended as a menu highlight. The Toulouse sausage was served curiously on its own with a bun, but more than made up for its somewhat underwhelming presentation in its fantastically assertive flavors of juicy meat, herbs and sharp garlic. The sides went well with the meat, but some more green sides would have been a plus.
Shotgun isn’t cheap, but it certainly isn’t extortionate either, and you get what you pay for- confident, high quality food in a thoroughly cool setting. Approx 80 GBP will feed two.
Overall experience:
Who to take: Anybody but the vegan girlfriend, really. Shotgun packs enough of a punch for a festive dinner with friends, or a business meal with a discerning, fun-loving client. With its meat-laden menu, dark, understated interiors and evocative undertone of Deep South danger, Shotgun will appeal especially to guys like us who like our food flawless, fun and served in an effortlessly badass setting.