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LILLY DILLON - Managing Barber at Ruffian’s Covent Garden


The enchanting Lilly Dillon is Managing Barber at Ruffian’s Covent Garden, award-winning barbershop. A trained trichologist as well as badass barber, Lilly’s your guru whether you’re thinning up top or testing a thick beard. An extremely sought after barber, Lilly attracts scores of discerning clients, among them YouTube superstar Jim Chapman (seen with Lilly, above). She is also a fast-talking, charismatic bundle of energy so we decided to coerce her into answering our BAD NORWEGIAN questions…
What’s on your bathroom shelf?
- SPF day cream and clock.
Lisa Dillon with Bad Norwegian
What gets your adrenalin pumping?
- When the shop is all systems go, we’re all fully booked & it’s organized chaos.
Lisa Dillon with Bad Norwegian
What is your favorite restaurant/bar in the city you live?
Hmm - Yauatcha, Alan Yau's place on Berwick st. I love all Asian food. My local gastro pub, the marquis of Westminster in Pimlico. I like to try new places - just tried an Israeli place called Palomar in soho - it was very good.
I could on and on...
Choose three brands except Bad Norwegian and Apple that define your personality.
-L’Oreal- because I’m worth it!
-Ruffian’s Number 1 Men’s aftershave- because I’m a bit rough around the edges
-All Saints- I’m definitely both sinner and saint.
What have you done that nobody would have thought you’d do?
- Moved in with someone and had to share my personal space.

What would you do if you were Putin for a day?
I’d invite Pussy Riot over for lunch and apologize for being so narrow minded.
Do you believe in aliens?
- Aliens? Do you believe in fairies?
If you woke up not knowing how old you were, how old would you guess?
- I’d be really confused about my age as I have the mind of a sixty year old and the body of a thirty year old, haha!
If you had to move somewhere else to live for 10 years, where would you live and why?
I’d live anywhere warm and by the sea because it’s calming and tranquil.
If you’re in London and fancy making an appointment with the fiery Queen of Chops, you’ll find her at Ruffian’s Covent Garden.