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2016 - stepping stone to 2017

Castilnano Simoons and Marius Kristiansen - Bad Norwegian

We are getting there, 2016 is ending and we are heading out into new waters. With this backdrop, we felt it would be good to give a short review of the year. 
We successfully completed our crowdfunding round and count 51 investors in BAD NORWEGIAN.  Now, we are facing a period of rapid growth where we see these funds put to good use and we have started to tap into the knowledge these new investors bring to the table.
Since we closed the round, we have seen the number of employees double, the target revenue for 2016 was reached in November and we have started with product development of new products. We signed with major retailers and increased our presence at travel retail stores in Norway.
Going into 2017 with 51 team members behind our employees feels like starting a race in pole position. You know you have the best support crew in the pit and the machine is ready to go, but there is still a race to win. 2017 is going to be quite a race. (I recommend watching "Pinchcliff Grand Prix" this Christmas).
We can't do anything else then to salute all of you who have helped us and supported us in this job of making BAD NORWEGIAN a trusted brand. So time to get ready for 2017 and let`s get this party started!

BAD NORWEGIAN OSLO Airport Launch from YNOTmedia on Vimeo.