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2016 - stepping stone to 2017

We are getting there, 2016 is ending and we are heading out into new waters. With this backdrop, we felt it would be good to give a short review of the year.  We successfully completed our crowdfunding round and count 51 investors in BAD NORWEGIAN.  Now, we are facing a period of rapid growth where we see these funds put to good use and we have started to tap into the knowledge these new investors bring to the table. Since we closed the round, we have seen the number of employees double, the target revenue for 2016 was reached in November and we have started with product development of new products. We signed with major retailers and increased our presence at...

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A:GENT goes skiing in Iran

A:Gent likes to go off the beaten track, to places not considered obvious. Sking in Iran. It’s perfect. And on top of great skiing, A:gent got a great cultural experience and loads of flavor one doesn’t get anywhere else.  The plane landed at Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport, and judging from the inflight, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. But Tehran is definitely somewhere, being a city of 9 million inhabitants, and an urban area of 18 million. A:gent spent a day in the city, just to get the full Iranian experience. Must-visits are definitely Tajrish Square to feel the energy of the city, the nearby Imamzadeh Saleh Mosque, and a short walk around just to meet people and really...

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Cut from a Different Cloth: Camilla Ringvold

Photo:Mlandpictures/ Some people are just cut from a different cloth. When others might catch up on a box set or go for a riveting half-run in their local park, these people are starting companies, breaking world records, climbing mountains and that's just before lunch. We like these people.  Now, imagine Lara Croft meets Queen Elsa. Her first name would be Badass. No, actually, it would be Camilla. Meet Camilla Ringvold, high priestess of kite sport. Camilla's list of merits is rather impressive, from five-time National Champion of snow and sea kiting, to kiting across the Atlantic (yes, really) and kiting Greenland unsupported from South to North. A free-spirited snow and wave worshipper, Camilla spends her time between Tarifa and Hemsedal, and A:Gent...

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Mapplethorpe+ Munch: The Compelling Synergies of Two Masterminds

A:gent was recently invited to the launch party of Mapplethorpe+ Munch, without knowing much about either, except that they were bad boys. Turns out they were much more than that, and that they had more than a little in common. Both non-conformist originals who believed in forging his own path in life, who believed rules are made to be broken and that the word 'impossible' is significantly more offensive than any other. This exhibit is a celebration of two forward-thinking challengers to the establishment, which is why you should check it out.  We figured this rather fine depiction of mammaries might pique your interest... So, what is it, and why? Oslo's Munch Museum has established itself as one of Europe's most forward-thinking...

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Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Vodka is Cheaper than Dinner for Two

  We're not going to tell you what to do this Valentine's Day. Or who, for that matter. It is a basic fact of life and sneaky commercial forces that it is going to happen, however, leaving you surrounded by heart-shapes, soppy poems, and encouraging marketing stunts to make you buy stuff nobody wants or needs. BAD NORWEGIAN will not give you heart-shaped, rhyming sales pitches. Our A:Gent has instead found a rather different collection of Valentines for those of you who are not so into this kind of thing... So, whether you want to take a humoristic approach, a rude rhyming one, or a slightly creepy one, we've found the perfect greeting for you this V-Day. Now, that is...

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