Let’s set the scene. Where: Bongani Estate, South Africa. Who: our rugged, bearded protagonist, who’d just spent fifty hours awake,

driving through the vast reserve,perched on the bonnet of a Land Rover on a rickety jump seat, following the sound beat of fleeing

rhino hooves and screeching monkeys through the darkness,hoping to capture them for posterity on his vintage Leica. Why:

because adrenaline and adventure is what makes life worth living.

Bad Norwegian Marius

However, exposure, sunlight and stress take their toll on skin, and on this occasion, salvation came in the shape of a little pink jar. And so, like thousands of men before him,

Marius was introduced to skincare through his girlfriend's products. While the cream helped heal the surface damage to his skin, he was underwhelmed by the cream’s strong

perfume and dainty pink packaging.

Marius could not recall seeing a premium skin cream developed specifically for male skin, and immediately decided to create one. He wanted to create a product that captured that

essence of refined, modern masculinity. It would be by men, for men, and the kind of product that men would not only want to receive as gifts from their girlfriends, but that they’d

actually want to buy for themselves . 

Next Marius, a military veteran having served with NATO in former Yugoslavia, realized that this experience, which had taught him the importance of integrity and being prepared

for anything, could be transferred to skincare. You’re only ever as good as the people and the equipment that’s got your back, so make sure you surround yourself with quality.

Back home in his native Norway, Marius Kristiansen teamed up with Castilnano Simoons, a like-minded established designer and visionary of classic style with a rough undertone and

clean functionality. Together they conceived of BAD NORWEGIAN, the male skincare and lifestyle brand that endeavors to combine the values often associated with Norway- integrity,

honesty, and quality- with a rogue, confident undertone.

On the journey from boy to man, we are inevitably faced with creating our own definitions of masculinity. What are the qualities we wish to associate ourselves with, and how do

we live in accordance with these, and by extension,choose the brands that represent them? We have to find our role models, but if we can’t, we can define and create them ourselves.

Here at BAD NORWEGIAN, we believe that there is no discord between quality and performance, power and integrity, alpha masculinity and caring about yourself and the world around

you. You can be whoever you want to be, but you still need powerful skincare.

Our products are composed of the cleanest components and we never add anything unnecessary or potentially harmful. We test on friends, not animals.Our product designs are modern

Scandinavian in their clear, confident expressions, and we are never satisfied until our products have obtained the standards our discerning customers have come to expect and appreciate.

We’re always badass, never half-assed, just like our users.